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Bahamas Retreat
Sept. 21-28th, 2014 (7 days & nights)

with Craig Webb   

Many people dream of swimming with dolphins, but few realize their dream, so come join us for this truly unique experience, and enjoy a dream retreat on the tropical island paradise of Bimini in the Bahamas. Imagine strolling peacefully along a secluded beach. The warm, beige sand gently massages the bottom of your feet and presses up between your toes as bubbly ocean surf occasionally approaches and swishes against your ankles. A gentle tropical wind dances in across the crystal blue-green ocean and caresses your hair before whispering off through the swaying leaves of nearby palm trees. An ideal place to unwind, quiet your mind, and renew your spirit...and this is just the trip setting.

Only a short boat ride away, await numerous spotted dolphins, the species native to the Bahamas. They can measure up to 7 feet long, and are amongst the most graceful of the dolphin family. Spotted dolphins are extremely curious and playful, and seem to really enjoy contact with humans. Nowhere else in the world can they be observed so consistently and with such good visibility.

To compliment three days of swimming with dolphins, the week's central theme will be to explore dreams, dream interpretation and lucid dreams, and to make personal breakthroughs on every level. A flexible "playshop" training format will include lots of group sharing, dreamwork and lucidity techniques, individual experiments, and daily private time for quiet contemplation, reading, journaling, etc. There will also be time to enjoy swimming, yoga, singing, music and dance, and of course, plenty of time outdoors.

"Sleeping beside everyone out under the stars, I suddenly realized I was dreaming and launched myself Superman-style into an exhilarating, long, soaring flight – my first lucid dream in years."
–Doug Baard, president OmniTek

Leading the program will be Craig Sim Webb, Executive Director of The non-profit DREAMS Foundation. Craig is a professional speaker/trainer/author, dream analyst and researcher, adventure travel guide (15+ years), and performing/recording musician. He has participated in pioneering dream research at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacre-Coeur Hospital, and has spent fifteen years, practicing, studying, writing, and teaching about dreams, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, Lucid Living (applied dreaming), creativity, and conscious communication with a refreshing, enthusiastic style that blends soul, science, heart and humor.
     As an author, columnist, and hired/invited expert for feature motion pictures, international TV shows, magazines,and others, he’s broadcast/published many cutting edge concepts as well as interviews with leading visionaries, and he and his work have made hundreds of international public/media appearances in such places as The Discovery Channel, ABC, BBC, CBS, CTV, Global, AOL, MSN, The London Times, The New York Times, internationally syndicated articles/radio shows, and many others. He has also designed biofeedback technologies with worldwide distribution, and helped found/produce Making Contact, a progressive international radio show airing weekly on ~200 stations for over a dozen years.
     Craig has led over 1500 miles of outdoor training programs, and his empowering teaching/counseling approach has enabled CEO’s, celebrities, doctors, professors, best-selling authors, students, and other clients from all walks of life to make profound mental and emotional breakthroughs while having a heck of a lot of fun.

“I most liked the amount of trust and connection created by Craig and the group, and Craig's unbelievable ability to access, trust and stay with his intuition, and see and contact a deeper reality. I found him to be the least ego-driven teacher I've ever encountered.” " –Christine Dreisziger

TRIP DATES:  April 19-26, 2014
FACILITATOR:  Craig Sim Webb

PRICE:  $1,995 / person + plane fare (by Feb 1st, 2014)
               $2,195 / person + plane fare (after Feb. 1st, 2014)

* Accomodations at the Bimini Big Game Resort, double occupancy (private room extra)
* Airport Shuttles (on Bimini)
* Training program with Craig Sim Webb
* 3* boat excursion day-trips to swim with the dolphins  (dependent on weather)
* Breakfast each day
* All taxes (including Bimini airport tax if you book your air travel with us)
* 24-hour emergency services for all 7 days

* Airfare to Bimini
* Travel Insurance
* Personal Expenses
* Meals beyond those described above

HOW TO REGISTER BY POST:  Email or call us to get the registration form, and return it along with your trip payment, or a $500 trip deposit in the form of a check or money order. If you send just the deposit, the remaining balance must be paid at least 45 days before departure, and we suggest you include a post-dated check along with your registration.
Please register as soon as possible since the number of participants is limited. Travel insurance is recommended, to be paid along with your initial payment.

FOR AIR FARES:  We strongly recommend that you let us book your air travel for you so that we can save you time and hopefully money, but also to help synchronize everyone's arrival. If you wish to book on your own, plan your air travel to/from Bimini, Bahamas (airport code: BIM) to arrive as early as possible on Sept 21st, and leave Sept 28th after noon (or later). There are numerous connecting flights to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) and Nassau, Bahamas (NAS).


Phone:  1-514-990-2113 (within Canada & USA)
              +1.514.990.2113 (International)
Email:  bahamas@spiritual-retreats.net

*Swimming with the dolphins requires reasonable weather for at least part of the week in order to make a safe boat trip to the dolphins (since they are in the wild), and also requires that the dolphins are around (which they almost always are). Although it is highly likely that we will see and swim with them, we cannot absolutely guarantee it for the above reasons.
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